The End Of Our Live LAGOM Project

We’re now nearly four weeks into our new house and this sadly coincides with the end of our Live LAGOM project with Ikea, but no way does it mean the end of our Live LAGOM way of life. It’s something that we’re definitely going to continue with, it’s become a way of life for us now 🙂

We’ve learnt so much from the project and especially since we started using our products at the end of last year.

As we’ve moved house it’s quite difficult to see if we’ve managed to reduce our energy consumption since starting our new way of life, but one way which has seen a difference is in the way that we think about our energy usage. In our previous house my husband had automated the lighting system in the the kitchen to come on when someone cme into the room and to switch off again when they had left the room, which was fantastic! The kitchen light was no longer left on for hours when you forgot to switch it off. I’m hoping that he can do that with the rest of the rooms.

All the light bulbs in our old house were LED ones but our new house unfortunately does not have any LED bulbs, but that’s something that we intend to change very quickly and we’re hoping that it’ll help to reduce our energy bills come the winter.

Another area we decided to concentrate on was the kitchen. We wanted to try and reduce our food waste during the project. We had used some of the £300 that we received from IKEA to purchase some of the Ikea 365+ dry food storage jars to use in our cupboards. It’s so much easier to see how much food you currently have in the cupboard. I love these storage jars!

Kitchen Cupboard

By writing out a shopping list and meal planning for the week we were only buying the food that we actually needed and our weekly food bill has reduced by approximately £5 each week, which is roughly £20 – £25 per month!

The second workshop that we had attended was ‘Grow Your Own’ and our seedlings are coming along a treat. I need to transplant them into bigger pots but so far we managed to have some salad using our homegrown leaves 🙂 and we used some of our basil whilst cooking. Both the salad leaves and the basil tastes so good 🙂 Our son has loved watching our seeds germinate


We have loved every minute of our Live LAGOM project and we are so grateful to IKEA for giving us the opportunity to take part in the project. A big thank you also goes to the lovely Ana who is our Live LAGOM Leader. It’s been wonderful meeting our fellow ambassadors and exchanging information and ideas.

As we move forward we’re really looking forward to continuing with our Live LAGOM way of life 🙂