Progress Report

We’re now mid-way through our Live LAGOM programme and I thought I’d give you an update on our progress. We had our shopping trip with Ana from Ikea in December and we’ve been using our products for about three months.

We purchased some new thermal curtains, curtain liners and some throws for our bed.  Our bedroom was always cold but once we started to use our new products we felt so much warmer 🙂  We also used the throws in the living room, they’re great to snuggle under whilst watching TV in the evening. As a result of using the throws in the evening we were able to turn down the thermostat on the boiler as we were lovely and warm 🙂

Curtains Curtains and throws

We were hoping to see a difference in our energy bills as a result of turning down the thermostat. I looked back over our bills for the last year to see how much energy we were consuming –

Gas Meter Readings                                                        Units of Gas Used

25/9/2015                            8015       Read

25/10/2015                         8049       Read                      34

31/1/2016                            8364       Read                      315         roughly 100 units per month

28/2/2016                            8456       Read                      92

22/3/2016                            8530       Read                      74


24/11/2016                         8806       Read

29/1/2017                            8997       Estimated

25/3/2017                            9215       Read                      409 from 24/11/2016 – 25/3/2017 roughly 100                                                                                             units per month


Electricity Meter Readings                                           Units of Electricity Used

25/9/2015                            34817    Read

25/10/2015                         35259    Read                      442

31/1/2016                            36871    Read                      1612       roughly 400 units per month

28/2/2016                            37315    Read                      444

22/3/2016                            37729    Read                      414

24/11/2016                         41428    Read

31/1/2017                            42643    Estimate

25/3/2017                            43563    Read                      2135       roughly 400 units per month


As you can see from the above figures we’re still consuming roughly the same amount of energy as we were this time last year, so turning down the thermostat and using the throws and curtains unfortunately hasn’t shown a difference in consumption.

Another area we decided to concentrate on was the kitchen. We wanted to try and reduce our food waste. We purchased some of the Ikea 365+ dry food storage jars to use in our cupboards. It’s so much easier to see how much food you currently have in the cupboard.

Kitchen Cupboard

We were in the habit of buying food that we didn’t realise that we already had but this doesn’t happen any more and our cupboards are so much tidier! Another change that I’ve made was to write out a shopping list before we go food shopping and so far I’ve managed to just buy what we actually need! Our weekly shopping bill has fallen and I’m also trying to meal plan each week, but that doesn’t always happen :(!

I’ve been trying to use the same train of thought in the fridge as well and it looks so much tidier and you can quickly see that food that’s stored in it. This makes it so much easier to see the food and therefore it gets used and doesn’t get forgotten about!


As a results of these small changes our weekly shopping bill has fallen from about £50 to around £45, which means roughly an annual saving of  £260!

By deciding to make my lunch at home and taking in into work I have managed to reduce my weekly spend at work. By taking my lunch in with me rather than buying a £4 lunch, roughly equates to monthly saving of £72 and an annual saving of £864! 

We’re moving house in just over four weeks and we’re looking forward to trying to make our new home as energy efficient as we can and seeing if we can grow some of our food which will reduce our food bill even more!