Happy New Year!

Christmas has been and gone and we’re now in to 2017! Happy New Year!

We’ve been really busy over the holidays with family, and it’s been lovely. We, like many others, bought far too much food, but I was determined to make the most of what we’d bought and what was left over.
fridge I’ve been using clear boxes to store our food in the fridge so that we can see at a glance what we’ve got and what needs to be eaten first. We’ve been really good at storing leftover food in manageable quantities in the freezer for future meals, so that nothing’s wasted.

When we’ve had family round between Christmas and New Year instead of buying more food to make a more formal meal we’ve managed to make a buffet using our leftover food, which is less stressful and our leftover food is being used up, a win win situation! 🙂