Our Bedroom

Our bedroom is not the warmest room in our house, partly because we don’t have the heating on during the day in that room, it’s only on in the evening, and also because we live in an older property and there are draughts from the windows … brrr



We spent some of the money from Live LAGOM project on draught proof curtains to try and reduce the draughts. We purchased the Marjun curtains which prevent light from entering the room as well as keeping out both draughts in the winter and heat in the summer. They’re now in place, without the liners as yet, but they need to be shortened, which I’m hoping to get the time over the next few weeks to do that well as getting the liners up. I’m pleased to report though that the bedroom is definitely warmer, which is great!





We also purchased some throws, one of which we’ve used on our bed. My feet are always cold, even in summer, but with the throw at the bottom of the bed my feet are lovely and warm, and it looks great with our bed linen!


Our bedroom is now lovely and cosy, which will make surviving a Scottish Winter a little easier.



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