Shopping Trip

We had our shopping trip with the lovely Ana from the Glasgow store on Sunday. IKEA had very kindly given us £300 to spend on their products and I did find it very difficult to choose as I didn’t want to buy something that I didn’t think was going to make a difference to our lives.

In the end we mainly went for items for the kitchen, to try to organise it a bit better, better food storage, enabling us to only to buy the food that we need and therefore reducing our food waste. £300 goes such a long way and we managed to buy so many things!

I also bought some new curtains and curtain liners which should make our house warmer, and along with some new throws, we should be warmer in bed and we can use them on the sofas on cold nights too 🙂

Most of our lights are already LED’s, just three which are not, and we used some of the money to buy the additional three that we need to change our whole house over to LED’s!

I can’t wait to get started with our new products  

shopping-trolley  shopping-products

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