Food Storage

Our kitchen cupboards are not the most organised and as such I often end up buying food that we already have when I go food shopping as I didn’t realise that we already had some in the cupboard.

I decided to add some clear food containers to my shopping trip on Sunday as I wanted to try and organise our food storage a bit better to help to reduce our food wastage. We don’t waste that much but I was keen to try and reduce it even further.

It took me a while but I’m delighted to say that our food cupboard has gone from this …


to this …


I’ve organised the dry food that we eat on a regular basis into the clear containers which makes it so much easier to see if we’re getting low on anything and it also avoids me over buying things. I was also horrified about the amount of packaging that we created whilst reorganising our food! It’s all gone into out recycling bin, but it does make you think about the amount of packaging that manufacturers use to present food to consumers.

Our cupboards are so much tidier now and I love the way they look! Previously we had to carefully open the doors in case anything fell out but not any more 🙂



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