Meal Planning

I’m not an avid meal planner, I was in the past but slowly over time I’ve let it slip, but not any more. 🙂

I’ve made some very simple changes to my weekly routine which should help to make it easier to keep up with my meal planning.

  • I’ve started to write out a shopping list before I head off to do the weekly food shop, sounds like the most obvious thing to do but again I had gotten out of the habit of doing it.
  • One thing that I do, and have done so for many years, is to batch cook. I tend to do it on a Sunday and then freeze a good bit of it for meals mid-week or for meals later on in the month.
  • As it winter here in Glasgow I’ve been making soup and taking some in for lunch during the week whilst I’m at work. During the working week I now have a much healthier and free lunch, which helps to increase my daily vegetable intake and more money in my wallet!

lentil-soup    lunch







I was spending on average about £4 a day for lunch for a shop bought sandwich, but by bringing in my home made soup I’m saving roughly £70 per month, which equates to a yearly saving of  £865!

Not bad for about 30 mins work on a Sunday! 🙂

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