Shopping List

Now that we’ve had our home visit it’s time to choose our products from IKEA. I feel like a child again trying to write my wish list for Santa … 🙂


I’ve spent many an hour trying to decide what areas we should try to concentrate on. I think if we try to tackle too many things at the one time we might not achieve as much as we could if we just stick to one area.

I’ve decided to concentrate on our kitchen, to try to organise it a bit better, better food storage and only to buy the food that we need, therefore reducing our food waste. We don’t waste that much food but with better organisation and weekly meal planning I’m hoping to reduce it even further.

My other half is a bit of an electronic geek and he’s managed to semi-automate the lights in the house, which is fab! Now if you walk into the kitchen the lights will automatically come on and they’ll go off after they’ve not detected any movement for a minute. This will have a two-fold effect, I won’t have to constantly tell him to turn the lights off and it should help to reduce our energy bills! It’s a win win situation for both of us 🙂

Lastly we looked at the type of light bulbs we have in the house. Most of our house has LED light bulbs but we’re going to change the last remaining ones over to LED’s as this should help with our energy bills.

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